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MennYacht Europe JSC, headquartered in Switzerland, was established in 1994 and initially entered the yacht sector as the exclusive dealer for the Pershing shipyard. Under the visionary leadership of MennYacht Group President Matjaž Murko, the company has garnered renown for its comprehensive services, covering the buying, selling, chartering, and maintenance of both motor and sailing yachts, as well as tenders and water toys.Menn Yacht Group company photoPhoto: Kleva filmsThe operational scope of MennYacht Group saw a significant enhancement in 1998, following the acquisition of Pershing by the Ferretti Group. This pivotal development enabled MennYacht to secure exclusive dealership rights for a selection of prestigious brands within the Ferretti Group portfolio, such as Ferretti Yachts, Itama, and Riva Yachts.MennYacht Group sponsored content images Photo: Matjaz Murko archiveMenn Yacht Group company photoPhoto: Ferretti GroupThis strategic partnership marked a key milestone in the company's history, propelling MennYacht Group towards sustained growth and expansion. Over the subsequent three decades, the company methodically increased its presence across Europe. AG Swiss, serving as the parent company, owns all the subsidiaries it has established. It has strategically expanded its network into Eastern European regions, operating as a joint-stock company. This expansion includes developing a comprehensive network of offices and service points, thoughtfully designed to cater to the varied needs of yachting enthusiasts.

Today, MennYacht Group boasts a team of 53 professionals, each recognised for their expertise and contributions to the yachting industry. The company offers its specialised services across numerous European countries, including Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania.Menn Yacht Group company photoPhoto: Kleva filmsBeyond yacht brokerage, MennYacht emphasises a deep-seated commitment to providing exceptional service and after-sales support. Recognising that yacht ownership encompasses more than the initial purchase, the company strives to offer comprehensive care and attention to every detail. This includes maintenance, crew management, and itinerary planning. Such dedication ensures that clients receive support tailored to their specific needs, fostering a relationship of trust and reliability. This approach not only meets but often exceeds expectations, encouraging a long-term affiliation between MennYacht and its clientele, who remain assured that their yachting experiences are managed with expertise.MennYacht Group sponsored content images Photo: Ferretti GroupMoreover, MennYacht extends its services to include yacht chartering, offering clients an unparalleled escape into luxury. The company's charter services act as a gateway to unmatched opulence, providing clients with meticulously curated itineraries and access to a diverse fleet of vessels designed to cater to varying preferences and sizes. Clients are encouraged to set sail on luxurious voyages of exploration, where every moment is custom-crafted to align with their individual desires.

From the radiant beaches of Hvar to the architectural wonders of Dubrovnik, each destination serves as a backdrop for creating memories drenched in luxury and exclusivity. Additionally, MennYacht's reach is global, ensuring that no matter the destination of your nautical aspirations, the Group is equipped and ready to turn those dreams into reality

Furthermore, MennYacht Group distinguishes itself not only through its yacht offerings but also by orchestrating exquisite events that embody the pinnacle of opulence and elegance. Among its notable events, the annual 'Summer Breeze at Ravni Zakan' emerges as a standout, treating guests to a lavish evening filled with fine dining, live entertainment, and stunning vistas set against the serene backdrop of the Kornati Islands. Equally memorable, the 'Gala Yacht Ball' hosted at Kempinski Portorož captures the essence of glamour and sophistication, marking itself as a prestigious event in the yachting calendar.MennYacht Group, Ravni Zakan Summer Breeze event Photo: Robert PichlerIn addition to organising events, MennYacht Group has adopted innovative marketing strategies to enhance its brand visibility and engagement with its audience. One such initiative is the publication of their lifestyle magazine, 'MY STYLE,' which has reached its 6th edition. This publication aims to provide insights into luxury living and the luxury yachting experience. Furthermore, MennYacht utilises a mix of social media, digital, and print platforms to showcase their offerings, including yachts, events, and destinations. These efforts are part of MennYacht Group’s strategy to strengthen their brand presence and contribute to setting standards in the industry.MennYacht Group sponsored content images Photo: Ferretti GroupAs the conversation around sustainability gains momentum within the yachting industry, MennYacht Group acknowledges the significance of adopting sustainable practices to maintain the health of marine ecosystems. The company is dedicated to responsible yachting and supports eco-friendly initiatives to ensure the longevity of oceanic enjoyment for future generations. MennYacht Group collaborates with organisations like Your Sea Oasis, among others, to advance marine conservation efforts. These partnerships reflect the company's proactive stance on environmental protection, aiming to safeguard the oceans for the future.Menn Yacht Group company photoPhoto: Kleva filmsAs MennYacht Group approaches its 30th anniversary in the industry, it acknowledges this milestone not solely through its role in luxury yacht brokerage but also as a proponent of values such as excellence, integrity, and a strong focus on client satisfaction. Looking forward, the company remains committed to exploring new avenues within the yachting world, driven by the passion and dedication that have been hallmarks of its journey over the past three decades.MennYacht Group sponsored content images

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