Green Minds Think Alike: Quantum’s “game changing” F45 – Hybrid Power System

After almost five years in development, and six months of rigorous testing, the new F45 is ready to dramatically reduce the world of stabiliser power consumption! The first, patent pending system by Quantum Marine Stabilizers was installed in March 2024, on a 47-metre Feadship refit.  

This new F45 Electric/Hydraulic Hybrid Power System represents a big step forward in marine stabilisation, especially for those concerned about carbon footprints, energy conservation and sustainability.  John Allen, Quantum CEO comments on this new revolutionary technology:


• Reduces power consumption- up to 60% - 80% 

By reconfiguring and simplifying the design, this system is able to use power as needed, when needed versus a traditional system that must remain running at 40% capacity, even at idle. Results show, the overall cost to run the system is reduced by 60% at zero speed and 80% recovery in underway mode, representing enormous savings.  

• M.E.S.S. - Mass Energy Storage System 

M.E.S.S. is an effective innovation to manage the unavoidable spikes that occur from running a stabiliser system.  It prevents the “dimming lights” and protects the useful life of the generator.  The F45 uses flywheel technology for the following reasons:

• Managing the large spikes 

• Its compact size 

• Robust capabilities 

• Long-term service life   Quantum F45 Integrated Hybrid Power SystemExample: 80m ~ 8.0m² P fin ~ QC2500HD hull unit

• Zero Speed™

In Zero Speed™ Mode, using the 80 metre specifications above, the stabiliser operation experiences a power fluctuation between 1kW to 90kW every five seconds. When M.E.S.S. is active, it will buffer the energy to mitigate these extreme fluctuations to stay within 15% – 20%.  

• Underway

In Underway Mode, using the 80 metre specifications above, the energy recovery rate is 80%, captured while the fin is traveling back towards the neutral position. When activated, M.E.S.S. will store and buffer the energy maintaining a variant of 5kW to 7kW. This represents a tremendous power savings that will be realized in extending the life of the system and dollars spent. 

Note: The % of energy savings remains consistent, regardless of the size over 50m+.

• 4X quieter than any other Quantum system to date 

Independent, 3rd party testing was conducted by J&A Enterprises to test for audible noise radiating from the unit and structure borne vibration noise transmitted through the isolation mounts.  The results were impressive, with sound readings at 63dB’s, four times quieter than a traditional hydraulic system to date.  

 • Longer Periods of Running Without Required Maintenance

This is important for military operations, charter vessels and an owner that prefers more water time versus spending money in a shipyard.  

• Smaller Footprint

The installation space required is typically smaller than a traditional stabiliser system, allowing more options for things like water toys, a beach club or better yet... a wine cellar!  

• F45 New Controls Offer Greater Precision

The new 5000S Control System collects more data and delivers more precise movements to the stabilisers, leading to an even better overall experience.

The F45 meets both long-term energy efficiency requirements as well as the peak energy needs of the closed marine electrical system. With innovation and efficiency woven into the culture, Quantum continues to challenge the status quo, while ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers for generations to come.

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